Huobi University Principal Says Without 2020 Financial Crisis, There Is No Blockchain Boom


Huobi University Principal stated during a live broadcast that without 2020 financial crisis, there is no blockchain boom.

The coronavirus pandemic is the “black swan of 2020”, leading financial markets into a level of decline not seen since the 2008 recession. However, blockchain may have a chance to flourish during these times of crisis. 

Financial crisis presents an opportunity for blockchain developers

On March 19, Yu Jianing, Huobi University Principal gave a live broadcast titled “Global Financial Storm Siren, How to Use the New Thinking of Blockchain to Turn Crisis into Opportunity,” according to Chinese blockchain media outlets. He commented that: 

“Without the financial crisis of 2008, there would be no birth of bitcoin and again without the financial crisis of 2020, there will be no prosperity of blockchain”

The Huobi principle explained the basic logic behind blockchain during the broadcast, referring to what he called the “blockchain way of thinking”. He also gave suggestions to the audience on how to effectively allocate assets and grasp the direction of the blockchain industry in the time of crisis. 

China gets on board the blockchain train 

As Cointelegraph reported earlier last month, China has launched 20 blockchain-based applications to fight against the ongoing coronavirus. 

Bank of China (PBoC) has also reportedly secured $4.7 million in funding from the central government for a blockchain trade finance platform built for research and development projects.